Foxes Earth

Foxes Earth was a single storey bungalow constructed during the early 1990’s of cavity blockwork beneath a concrete interlocking tiled roof. Although the dwelling is oriented to face due south, taking advantage of passive solar gain, there was insufficient thermal insulation within the building envelope to retain this heat. 


The clients were passionate about reducing their carbon footprint to the extent that they had already installed roof mounted photovoltaic panels to generate electricity and solar thermal panels to provide hot water.


They sought to further reduce the energy consumption of their home through the installation of external wall insulation over the existing cavity blockwork walls and the erection of a super insulated sun room extension to the south elevation which is proposed to have large glazed areas facing south to take advantage of passive solar gain during winter months. A glazed porch extension is proposed to the north to act as an air lock to retain heat within the building. All windows & external doors were also replaced with engineered timber framed products with highly energy efficient glazing and frames.